Collection World is a massive directory filled with website listings that have been arranged according to their categories. The URLs of each website have been personally checked by one of our staff members to make sure that it corresponds to the right website as well as category. While some websites might fall under more than a single category, we have interlinked them, to make sure that the website listing appears in all the categories it is related to, enabling you to enhance your search better.

A web directory is a list where websites are catalogues according to the category they belong to. Earlier, we used to have the Yellow pages that had different business listings placed under different categories with their contact numbers and addresses, making it easy for the users to find any service they were looking for. The advent of the World Wide Web has totally changed how people go about looking for a particular service now. A quick search online reveals hundreds of websites listing the exact service you were looking for right in your locality. This is made possible with the help of web directories. The entries in the web directories are actually whole websites rather than just a page from the website.

Searching Information On The Internet
Searching and browsing are two ways the general public go about searching for information on the internet. Searching and browsing are combined by most web directories by giving access to a search engine to search the web directory itself. Search engines produce results bases on web crawlers or bots that crawl through all the websites on the internet, whereas web directories are compiled by human beings. Site owners are able to submit their website URLs under the best suitable category directly to these web directories. These submissions are then reviewed by the web directory editors for their authenticity. Some web directories are restricted to certain categories. Web entries are either a free service or a paid service depending on the website directory.

Web Directories Vs Search Engines
Although web directories and search engines are tools that are used by people to find information on the internet, their difference lies in the way they organize their information and how this information is retrieved from their respective databases.

Search engines make use of small programs called bots or spiders that crawl the internet, follow different links and return with information to the search engine index. So when some is using a search engine, they are actually searching that search engine’s index of the internet. This involves very complex algorithms to ensure that the search is completed quickly in order to return with the information as fast as possible to the user of the search engine. The web pages which are most likely to have the information you are searching for are produced in a particular order as search engine results page.

On the other hand, web directories are ma made entries. Site owners go about submitting their entries to the web directory owners, where the human editors decide on their worth and place it accordingly in the directory. Users are allowed to search the directory directly as well according to the category of their choice.

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