Preservation of natural resources and protecting the environment from potential harms has become the agenda of many countries since 2010. The go green process has helped nations to safeguard their resources. Businesses are also following suit to make the planet greener and a safe place to live. We are a directory listing the sites of a varied bunch of go green concept-following companies. For instance, those of you searching for a storage racking company that adheres to environmentally-friendly concepts in their industrial processes, can try the site So of the other companies include, Sony Corporation, Dell, EMC Corporation, Sprint and many more. Sites like have aided us in the effort to build an efficient directory listing.

Help The Environment By Following These Simple Tips
Cut down on the use of natural resources and move towards renewable sources of energy. For instance, the use of solar energy instead of fossil fuels can leave some resources for the future generation.
Use materials that are made from recycled materials. Office supplies, automobile parts, etc can make use of recycled plastic and rubber.
Reduce on wasteful business expenses, for instance, conducting video conferring instead of interstate meetings.

Benefits of recycling
Recycling, reusing, reducing and avoiding are some of the ways to cut down on costs. Educate your employees on wasteful usage and how to save money. Try as much as possible to use soft copy instead of printouts. This can save on unnecessary felling of trees to make paper. Encourage your staff to use scrap paper instead of message pads. Shredding waste paper can promote recycling. Your staff can take the recycled material home and use it as mulch heaps or compost.

Promote sustainability
Increase the sustainability of your business by cutting down on environmental impacts. Reduce your dependency on natural resources and save on cost. Your business can see long term success with eco-friendly concepts.

Make your workplace healthier
The websites listed on our director are known for promoting healthier and greener workplace. A healthier workplace means zero sick leave and increased employee attendance. This results in increased productivity, friendly workplace practices, and reduced medical payouts. Moving to organic food selection and use of organic cleaning products also can make your workplace green.

Tax benefits
Companies that follow eco-friendly practices are given tax credits by the government. It can help to improve the bottom lines of the company. Moving to renewable sources of energy, electric automobiles, and hybrid fleets can help in saving energy and also gets incentives from the government in terms of tax benefits.

Consumer awareness
Consumers are growing aware of environmental impacts and demand greener services and products. Our directory listing website educates customers on how to check labels on the products before buying them. The growing awareness has given a boost to products that abide by green laws. Companies are taking advantage of this awareness and are producing environment-friendly products to meet the demands of the consumers.

Following green principles can help in saving cost. The companies can make use of the money for charity or other noble causes thereby enhancing their image in the community.


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