Search engines are not the only way customers are finding local companies. They are also considering online business directory services as a feasible option to get reliable information on businesses that are run locally. If you are a small business, who are looking for ways to attract customers then listing it in local business directories is a useful option. When your company gets listed in these online local business directories, it acts as an advertising medium so that you can reach local customers through web and phone search.

Why local listings

You might be thinking why to opt for local listings; the reason is that online local business directories are a digital version of yellow pages. These directories offer various categories with several niches, and you can list your business as per the category so that the users find you when they are looking for a solution to issues that you specialize. The audience is using their mobile to search for local business, and by listing your business, you are more likely to be found. Some of the other benefits are:

● Cost effective way to advertise your company and some online business directories lists businesses free of charge.
● Effectively communicate your offers and other promotions on your product or service.
● Displays your business on search results, maps, etc. along with images
● Helps in generating more traffic and leads to your website
● Positive reviews by users ensure that your business is more credible in the eyes of prospective customers.

Get your business listed in the below ways:

YP: This is the most credible place to start your business listing. Moreover, it is a resource that is provided free of cost. When you sign up for their service, the business profile that gets created will have information on the name of your company, contact number along with customer reviews and ratings of your business. Your business profile is seen on search engines like Yahoo, Google, etc. when the user’s types for your business niche.

Multiple online directories: It is best that you get your business listed in various local business directories. There are many which are free while online directories charge you based on the ads you want to place. There are many which are dedicated to a particular niche, remember to check it out before you list your company.

Use social media: All over the world, there is an increase in the use of social media and your business should try and utilize it to good effect. With social media being used not just for networking but also for business purposes, you should consider adding your local business to Facebook or Twitter page that will enable your company to rank better in the search results.

Though you should get listed in various online directories, it is also essential that you do not overdo things. Instead of adding your company to every other directory, you should focus on a select few that will help your business grow. That directory should be well known locally and belong to your company’s niche. So get listed in the best and the most relevant places.

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