Listing your business in Yellow pages is not enough these days due to users predominantly using the internet to search for products or services. Hence it is critical that companies use all possible ways to ensure they reach out to customers who are online. One of the ways is to list your business in online directories; these companies also provide professional services that can aid in attracting more traffic and also generating quality leads. Most small businesses run on a tight budget, and the biggest challenge is to market their business with limited financial resources effectively.
Listed below are a few ways to improve your business presence online.

Use social media: Research shows that usage of social media is on the rise all over the world and has seen a significant increase in the past few years. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram are some of the most popular mediums, and businesses should target to tap the target audience of some of these to improve their online presence. You can create your business page and choose the target audience so that you reach out to people who are looking for the type of business you specialize.

Google My Business: Google is the top search engine that most people trust and hence you should look to list your business in My Business which is free. The primary advantage of using My Business is that it shows the physical location of your business on its map which can be viewed on your smartphone. Users who are looking for local business will be displayed with companies who are within a certain radius, that is convenient to both the users as well as the business. My business is also a way to boost your SEO efforts. It also shows customer reviews, images of your business, offers, promotions, etc. which will help in generating more traffic and also increases the page ranking of your website.

Content marketing: It is now a fact that content marketing is one of the most critical marketing strategies the companies must invest. It is not only the search engines which rank a website higher due to the availability of quality content but also the customers look for quality information. So video content, articles, blogs, etc. are all various ways to provide information regarding the website. That enables the site to receive more web traffic which can generate quality leads.
Listing in online directories: Though it is not necessary to register your business in all online directories, it is essential that you list in the top few. Listed below are a few of the online directories that can help your business.
Yellow pages: It is an online version of the old form, and millions of users use it to search for local businesses. It can also be used as a tool for generating leads, placing ads, and also to check the performance of the ads that were placed.
Manta: It is one of the most extensive online directory resources that help small-scale businesses with its huge database. They have many categories, types, etc. and lists businesses based on the location.

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